There’s NO Excuse for Mental Illness

There is no excuse for mental illness

Twisted, demented, stigma

My whole life I’ve been mislabeled, fed RX’s, drugged and numbed in attempts to fix it.

There’s no excuse for mental sickness

God forbid you can’t pick yourself up out of bed when the morning’s amazing enough you survived the cold of night..alive

God forbid you don’t perform the expectations handed to you by a society that abused and influenced you…

There is no excuse for mental illness

Now if you bear physical limits, you are allowed some exemptions..

It’s absolutely coherent to be unable to handle all of life’s mundane matters..duties and statutes..

You can lay and rest with a little more confidence, knowing the world at large accepts you like this

It’s normal to be unable to muster the luster to get through a sunny day when you’re body is the hindrance

There’s no excuse for mental sickness

You said you understand his physical weakness. You don’t mind the cooking, cleaning, feeding, get it. He needs you. You make up for his lack..this is redemption.

But it’s not the same for mental pain and emotional disease that creeps beneath..unseen.

You claim it’s controllable. Pull yourself up! Work hard, you’re so young! Chin up!

There is no excuse for mental illness.

Man if I could elude to, the torrents of torment I went..through..

I’d tell you there were times I would have rather been stabbed with a thousand knives over a hundred times…then experience the ache and consuming pain this shit has brought upon my life

Scars on forearms bear proof to this truth

Years I’ve endured..hidden misery.

There’s no excuse for mental sickness.

Accused, abused, assumed, despised, denied

Demonized, stigmatized, unrecognized to paralyze a possibly abundant life

Lies lies lies..I spy that your eyes cry…they speak volumes to what you see in me..

How dare I?!

Lazy, crazy, angry you’ve named me.

I’ve walked this road paved by what you and the world have deemed me..I got this!’s fine it’s mind is just the problem

Get up regroup!

As I lay here on the earth. Arms cradling head, protection from the onslaught of you’re sincere attempts to handle this…

Steel toed jab..over and over..and over again.

You tell me, be glad!

There is no excuse for mental illness..

What’s wrong with you?! You say to me.

Over and over I’ve asked myself this.

No answer has been given to satisfy my own I apologize for being so traumatized by whatever has wrecked my mind to despise even myself so so so so often in life.

There’s no excuse for mental sickness…

Get up, get over it.

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