Jesus and The Map

I sit back praying and asking Jesus about this map that I seen while in prayer a while back(see previous post); and this is the insight I’ve gained:

The map in a sense, represents the world. Or one’s quest to understand the world. And the things on the map represent life: the “stops” along the way, the people we encounter…so forth. Then there is the map keys. The things we use to interpret the map: people, resources, varying beliefs…the list is inexhaustible.

We all have our own map that we try and follow. We use it to guide us. It can complicate life at times; and other times, lend a helping hand.

We can be so consumed with this’s detials…wanting certainty..directions…that we get lost in the detials. Our minds on the map..rather than life itself.

Overcomplicating what was meant to be enjoyed….the journey.

Taking the detials… in exchange for living…trusting..being….breathing…freeing…refreshing…simplicity….all eyes on He.

I don’t believe Jesus is as adamant as we can be..about all the detials. He knows what He’s doing…He knows where we are going…He sees the map from afar…for everyone…He “does not show partiality”.

We do..He does not. He sees the bigger picture. We focus on the symbols…the map keys…the bends in the road…why this person or that deciphers it not quite like we do…..

This is human thinking.

We need His mind. The Great I Am..All encompassing…never sleeping…all consuming LOVE.

Oh how we limit Him….

Simply look to Him…. All the detials are the bigger scheme of things…

He came to try and show us that…. Yet we still insist on following this interpreted…map.

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