I feel a need to rebel against the system

All that the world tells me to’s invested interests. Consumerism..fueld by “new and innovative” inventions…to keep your subscription.

I want to make my own damn decisions..

Long nails, high heels, name brand, fake tan, long hair don’t care..this figure..that slender..thick chic..wide hips…shit is twisted.

All that they ask of order to be.. something “in”.

Stop telling me how to impress. Stop asking me to even impress. Stop brainwashing me into representing your standards…Replicas

Mannequin management.

Sexy has become messy.

Free me to be me

I don’t want to live up to your vanity….impregnated by your insanity. Vain vain vain…look at me!

Competition driven.. Being different is what the world’s missing!!!

Starving for attention. Craving for recognition. All the while malnourished..symptoms of…

Plagued with this sickness…to fit in.

Be heard.. Be her.

Soul sickness.

Mind sickness.

Everyone is a copy… Anonymous..victim.

Original content….become my context!

Too many ..all trying to be relevant..yet all very much enslaved by this broken broken hopeless system.


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