Mr. Right ❤💪

I want a poet..a man with a plan and he knows it..

A deep thinker…thoughts adrift amongst quantum layers…whose sooth sayings still meditation under sedation

Perception is his weapon…

To fight dark nights..and offer those lost and wondering protection

Heart of perfection

Shallow waters have nothing more to offer

I’ve stepped in those streams..waded and waited…

Nothing the arms of a heathen…all talk….self-centered….ego driven….weakness

Engage my mind this time..future man of mine. Life shine bright.. with the love of things that speak what is right…wise mind inside..

May you hypnotize me to delight in thee alone..

Conversations made for escaping

Nights meant for reminiscing..only memories of our own piece of history..made for just you and me.

I want to binge on you…mentally…converse with me…verbal surgery works for me.

I ponder thee.. Humility

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