We can only hide for so long.

We can only cover up..mask it..for a moment.

We can only practice behavior modification for a time..but before we know it..all comes to the light.

It can be so deceitful..even to our very selves.

We can make others believe..we can make-believe..we can pretend..for so long..that even we believe.

But what is not truly transformed..will again show up: The ugly, the grotesque, the envy, the pride, the lies….they eventually resurface.

They eventually bear fruit..

If not killed at the root.

If not starved..

If not put to death..called out for what they are..

If we do not allow Him to shed light on the dark parts of our hearts..if we refuse to bring all that’s un-loving be refined..purged..the dross tossed off…

If we insist some things yet remain..that they are innocent…harmless

Attitudes, thoughts, mindsets…

Whatever is unlike..He…unloving…at it’s core..

If we do not confess the mess…

It will come up again. It will resurface. Like vomit..toxic…

It is a pride issue…

It must be beaten into submission …and indeed it is painful.

Tis not about doing this or that…it’s not about keeping away from “sin.”

It’s about our hearts. Are they ugly? Are their truest desires holy? in pure…as in not self-driven..but loving?

Motives, intentions, longings, they self-serving?

Because “sin” is within. It just spills out..and over..

It’s been made into being..all about outward actions..

But it’s root lies inside…deep beneath..

And it’s a drive…that propels unrighteous attitudes, beliefs, and falsehood…falsehood even to self..denial..of truth..truth of it’s impurity…hypocrisy.

It’s about transformation..not disguise. Lying about our minds. What they despise..and like. And oh! How easily it can all be disguised..even we can be blind.

But.. alway fruit reproduces…after it’s own kind…it can only be sugar coated for a season…Before it’s bitterness..decays it.

Oh heart, take heart!

Let the pruning take place.

Bury yourself today.

Let the ugly be washed away!

Let the light have it’s way.

Allow the pain to remain..for just a little while longer..while the process takes place.

Let the root be torn out….let death remake..

Resurrection… New life….

From night to day

Don’t be afraid of the cost at stake….

Death to self..pride…is where life begins..and all the heartache REALLY ends.

Real love…real love…real the center. No fakes.

Don’t mistake it for real change..just because you can behave…

Let love have it’s way..where real change must take place….. No fakes.

Search ME Oh God! Remake. Shape.

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