Christ Like

In shaping us to be more like Him, God exposes a lot of ugly. He shines the light on a lot of things. It is not a pretty sight…nor does it feel good. But, it serves it’s purpose; and it’s worth it..if we submit to the process.

That refining process: bringing the dross, the impurities, the imperfections to the surface. Where they are visible..more noticeable.. Where we are made aware of them.

We are not to be ashamed, but we are to see them for what they are. How they hurt, how they rob us..rob others. How they kill, steal and destroy.

Our part is to admit them. To acknowledge and agree, give an amen, when they are brought to our attention.

Not to excuse, justify, compare with other’s, hide, tolerate, or wait…..because they will continue their coarse if so.

We are to hand them over, humble ourselves, be grateful for the revelation…for the process is in effect. We are being transformed. From glory to glory.

He is indeed at work. Abide. Let the pruning clear away the dead and diseased parts of thee! This is just the method that works..we may not understand..we are just asked to trust… Trust aand abide.

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